I know that some of you have been wondering what’s been going on with me and tattooing etc. If some of you haven’t heard, Tatty Daddy’s shut down right before Xmas. I was informed a week before Xmas that it would be closing Xmas eve. While I won’t get into the details of the how/why, needless to say I was a bit stunned and honestly scared about what I was gonna do. Unbeknownst to anyone, about 6 months ago Emilio and I formed a business partnership with the goal of opening a tattoo shop together but we had a goal of opening this summer. So we’ve spent the last 3+ weeks scrambling and pushing up timetables and schedules and getting finances in order to try and do this now. With all that, I’m proud to say yesterday we signed a lease on a location and hopefully in a few short weeks we’ll be opening our new shop, Prime Tattoo Company. While I can’t personally thank the hundreds of people who’ve helped me along the way in my almost 20 year journey in tattooing there are certainly some people who deserve special recognition. First off, obviously Emilio, who has the head for business I never will and let’s me concentrate on doing the best art I can, while making sure the business side is organized and the bills get paid on time. Also Larry without you coming in with help advise and a guiding hand, this most likely would have had to wait at least another 6 months or more. Of course my mom, Sharon Simmons who never once questioned my decision to be an artist and not a doctor or lawyer. And there is a list of friends, who I consider family who constantly pushed and prodded me to make the move to open my own place and do it the way I’ve always wanted. So to CharlotteJeremyIanJoshCharleneC Mason RunTerryShannonScott thank you for all the years of constant support. To all my customers past present and future, stay tuned, I’ll have damn near CNN like updates on the new shop and when we will be opening.

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