I had to stop in at Walmart (aka, hell…) tonight, and it looked like Black Friday and The Hunger Games combined, but instead of fighting over cheap TV’s people were scrambling to get already dying flowers and overpriced shitty candy and ridiculously over-sized stuffed animals. It was at this point that I suddenly became okay with not having a special lady friend in my life that I would need to do all that for.

Then I remembered why I was there in the first place. Buying mops and cleaners to try and finally get this stained concrete floor at the shop right. This floor has become my special lady. My hateful, ungrateful, nagging evil cunt of a special lady who is going to put my in an early grave. Along with the painted walls requiring more work this week to be right, they’ve become the side chick who won’t stop trying to become the main chick.

So Happy Valentines Day to me, if you need me I’ll be spending some quality time with my lady friends…

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