Shop Update: 02/19/2017

We were hoping to be doing a status update announcing our opening but it’s been a few weeks of frustrating setbacks.

We are almost done with construction (finally) and after 972 coats of painting and repainting we think we’re done with that. We suffered thru a self inflicted water leak, we finally hung one of the new TV’s, the security cameras are in and the shop sound system is almost ready for mandatory shop dance parties.

Remodeling of the bathroom should be done tomorrow and as soon as frames come in all the flash will go up.

The biggest hangup? Home Depot delivered our counter-tops to someone else (who signed for them) but they’re saying they don’t know where they’re at, and that it could be up to 3 more weeks for them to make and ship new ones!?!! Soon as we solve that headache we can schedule our inspection and….

〈〈〈…be open for business!〉〉〉

Thanks to all of you for your patience and your interest in our new shop, we really appreciate and are humbled by your support!

Prime Tattoo Company

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