Rant that’s not Rant (Beware, long read)
So I wasn’t sure if I was going to address this or not but after thinking about it nonstop all day I figured I’d post on my personal Facebook and not the shops. As some of you know, because I’ve gotten dozens of calls, texts, fb messages, we had the shop name drug through the mud today all over Facebook. Before I get into the where, why and how, I truly want to thank all of you who alerted me, defended both me and the shop and in general helped turn the tide of public opinion on our little tattoo shop. (I hope) For those who aren’t in the know: On Sunday night we had a couple come in for some tattoos. Now normally we aren’t open on Sundays but because I hired two artists who are driven to tattoo all the time, they were both there tondo some tattoos. Flash forward to today and I’m made aware that the female customer is a bit unhappy because her tattoo isn’t healing “right”. Sarah immediately called her and they talked about it. About an hour later the couple showed up and it was clear that while the female was willing to talk like an adult, the male just wanted to curse and yell and be hyper aggressive. The three of us spent almost an hour talking to her about what we think could have gone wrong. I saw pictures of the tattoo when it walked out the door Sunday night and it was perfect. It was so perfect that Sarah took multiple pictures of it so she could put it in her portfolio. Doesn’t sound like a tattoo that our shop “fucked up” does it? The male then began what I consider his true motive for being there. He wanted not only the money back for her tattoo, but the money he paid for the other tattoos that were done that night even thought those tattoos were healing perfect and they were done excellent and were exactly what they asked for. And he wanted us to pay to have them “fixed” at a shop of his choosing. By this point I’d lost my patience with this ordeal. I truly do feel bad for the female, cause her arm is super scabby and she says it hurts. It’s not fun to walk around with a tattoo that doesn’t look perfect while it’s healing. But I’m not going to give into demands like that just so he doesn’t publicly blast us. I’ve put 20 years of my life into this industry and I’ve finally gone out on my own to try and make a place that fits what I think a tattoo shop should be. The way artists are treated, the way the customers are treated, the vibe and general atmosphere of the place. And of course to put out amazing, badass, clean and sterile tattoos. And all that is being threatened before we even get our sea legs under us. After he left, apparently because we didn’t give in to his extortion demands, he got on fb and blasted the shop on multiple marketplaces and groups. I’ve rarely felt more threatened in my life, even while staring down the barrel of a gun. I had a panic attack thinking that all my hopes and dreams for the future were crumbling around me. It was a terrible feeling. Having a brand new business you feel quite vulnerable to any and every public critic of your business. And to have it be an unfounded attack didn’t make it better. If Sarah had put out a bad tattoo I’d have fired her on the spot, but she didn’t, she put out a badass tattoo that I myself would be damn proud to say I did. I’m proud of what we’ve built at Prime Tattoo Company, I feel like it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of a shop being. And I hired people who have the same mindset as I do about how all of this should work. After some reflection and some wise words from someone I truly trust in all this I’ve decided I can’t control what one disgruntled customer says, and all I can hope is the multiple customers who got on there to defend us will hopefully combat any negative opinions someone who doesn’t know us or our shop would have based off of one persons fb post. Guess I’ll wrap up this long ass lost with this: Come see us at Prime Tattoo Company this weekend, we’ve got a few openings, and I promise you you won’t be disappointed in what you get!

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