So I put up a snap awhile ago of a movie scene and had a million people ask me what it was. I snap out my day, what giant coffee I’m drinking, the homeless Kenny Rodgers fucking a football behind the dumpster and maybe 3 people respond but I post that and everybody wants to know what it is. So here goes my completely biased Siskel and Ebert movie review: The movie was Baytown Outlaws. Think a B movie version of Boondock Saints (yeah I know it was a B movie!) but instead of Irish Catholic boys from Boston, it’s 3 redneck brothers from Alabama. It’s got Clayne Crawford (Riggs from Lethal Weapon) Travis Flimmel (Ragnar from Vikings) and some big motherfucker who’s mute (except for a speak n spell) as redneck criminals who kidnap the squirrelly kid from Road Trip who’s handicapped in a wheel chair from drug dealer Don Carlos played by Billy Bob Thornton on behalf of his godmother Eva Longoria. Now if that sentence didn’t reel you in, it also features Slutty Biker Assassins, a black gang of Mad Max style mercs and an Indian biker gang who shoots bows and arrows alongside machine guns and scalps everyone they kill. I give it 2 thumbs up. I’d give it 3 but I wasn’t born a circus freak…

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