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Shop Update: 02/19/2017

Shop Update: 02/19/2017

We were hoping to be doing a status update announcing our opening but it’s been a few weeks of frustrating setbacks.

We are almost done with construction (finally) and after 972 coats of painting and repainting we think we’re done with that. We suffered thru a self inflicted water leak, we finally hung one of the new TV’s, the security cameras are in and the shop sound system is almost ready for mandatory shop dance parties.

Remodeling of the bathroom should be done tomorrow and as soon as frames come in all the flash will go up.

The biggest hangup? Home Depot delivered our counter-tops to someone else (who signed for them) but they’re saying they don’t know where they’re at, and that it could be up to 3 more weeks for them to make and ship new ones!?!! Soon as we solve that headache we can schedule our inspection and….

〈〈〈…be open for business!〉〉〉

Thanks to all of you for your patience and your interest in our new shop, we really appreciate and are humbled by your support!

Prime Tattoo Company

damn valentine’s day…

I had to stop in at Walmart (aka, hell…) tonight, and it looked like Black Friday and The Hunger Games combined, but instead of fighting over cheap TV’s people were scrambling to get already dying flowers and overpriced shitty candy and ridiculously over-sized stuffed animals. It was at this point that I suddenly became okay with not having a special lady friend in my life that I would need to do all that for.

Then I remembered why I was there in the first place. Buying mops and cleaners to try and finally get this stained concrete floor at the shop right. This floor has become my special lady. My hateful, ungrateful, nagging evil cunt of a special lady who is going to put my in an early grave. Along with the painted walls requiring more work this week to be right, they’ve become the side chick who won’t stop trying to become the main chick.

So Happy Valentines Day to me, if you need me I’ll be spending some quality time with my lady friends…

too much Law & Order… or is it?

I really hate walking the dog late at night. And not because I have to get my lazy ass up off the couch, and put boots back on, or that’s it’s cold outside sometimes. I hate it because I’ve seen too many Law & Order episodes. The beginning of the episode is always some sad asshole walking his Min Pin or some other obnoxiously small dog, and he stumbles onto the corpse of a dead tranny hooker, or he sees an elderly lady get mugged and thrown down and she dies and then he’s supposed to testify against the gangbanger who did it. Or he sees the rich politicians butler dumping the body of the underaged cheerleader he’d been sleeping with. I know I don’t live in New York and I don’t have to walk 9 city blocks waiting to scoop up my dogs shit into a bag and most likely all those scenarios aren’t gonna happen in my front yard, but really why take the chance…

Prime Tattoo Company

progress is pain, and *&^%$ing great!

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

… & more booze and tattoos.

For those of you that are keeping up with the progress of Prime Tattoo Company;

We have done all the extra construction that we needed, (for now). We are almost completely done painting and are on our way to having all the trim up. Next are the floors!

They say good art is hard to come by… don’t worry, soon it will be just an appointment away.

So, get ready Tallahassee, this is a shop built on the shoulders of gun toting, whiskey drinking, bad mother truckers and run by the best (or worst, however you see it) of them all!

from the ground up

After almost a week of dealing with federal, state, and city governmental paperwork (and a lot of running back and forth) we’ve got power! Now the actual work of building out the shop can begin. Off to Home Depot we go…

Thank you to all the support, Tallahassee!

1.11.2017 coming soon!


I know that some of you have been wondering what’s been going on with me and tattooing etc. If some of you haven’t heard, Tatty Daddy’s shut down right before Xmas. I was informed a week before Xmas that it would be closing Xmas eve. While I won’t get into the details of the how/why, needless to say I was a bit stunned and honestly scared about what I was gonna do. Unbeknownst to anyone, about 6 months ago Emilio and I formed a business partnership with the goal of opening a tattoo shop together but we had a goal of opening this summer. So we’ve spent the last 3+ weeks scrambling and pushing up timetables and schedules and getting finances in order to try and do this now. With all that, I’m proud to say yesterday we signed a lease on a location and hopefully in a few short weeks we’ll be opening our new shop, Prime Tattoo Company. While I can’t personally thank the hundreds of people who’ve helped me along the way in my almost 20 year journey in tattooing there are certainly some people who deserve special recognition. First off, obviously Emilio, who has the head for business I never will and let’s me concentrate on doing the best art I can, while making sure the business side is organized and the bills get paid on time. Also Larry without you coming in with help advise and a guiding hand, this most likely would have had to wait at least another 6 months or more. Of course my mom, Sharon Simmons who never once questioned my decision to be an artist and not a doctor or lawyer. And there is a list of friends, who I consider family who constantly pushed and prodded me to make the move to open my own place and do it the way I’ve always wanted. So to CharlotteJeremyIanJoshCharleneC Mason RunTerryShannonScott thank you for all the years of constant support. To all my customers past present and future, stay tuned, I’ll have damn near CNN like updates on the new shop and when we will be opening.

11.16.2016 – buttcheeks…

I know you guys all think I live a high octane rockstar lifestyle where its nothing but fast cars, faster women, doing copious amounts of cocaine off strippers ample fake boobs, getting drunk at 11am and generally doing whatever I want, but let me tell you how it really is…
Had a group of 5 dude bros come in today and they wanted there fraternity letters…(wait for it) on their buttcheeks. So for the past 3 hours it’s been nothing but manbutt all up in the shop. For some reason they all decided to walk around with their cheeks hanging out both before AND after they got tattooed. One guy even bent over the table right before I put the stencil on so I got to see his browneye. Yeah I live a rock n roll life…